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Kauai freedive instructors Josh Meneley and Michelle Marsh
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The two of us started out in 2012 just as you are now, in search for a course to help us become more knowledgable in freediving.  Before taking our first course, Josh was able to dive somewhere between 20 to 30 feet uncomfortably while Michelle was diving somewhere in the 40 to 50 range.  We never had any previous training but Michelle had an interenst in freediving courses for years before.


After completing our first freediving course we were stoked having exceeded past what we thought possible in just 3 days.  Practicing what we learned for about a year we decided to fly to Kona and take a private advanced course with US record holder Kurt Chambers.  This course was really specialized for those who are really just looking to take freediving to the next level and focus on more advanced techniques in order to dive to depths over 100ft safely.

Continuing our training and education over the next year a small group of us decided to fly over one of Aida International's top judges and certifying instructors Pim from Dahab Egypt and finish our Freediving Instructor course.  We are of 6 or 7 Aida instructors that we know of currently residing in the US.  We have since also teamed up with PADI's new freediving section of their organization and will start offering their certifications from 2016 onwards. 

Since first traveling to Kona for Kurt Chambers advanced freediving class we have become great friends with the Kona freediving crew and Michelle has followed her passion and has been competing in their yearly US Freediving competitions and was even chosen to be a part of Team USA for the 2106 World Championships in Greece.  She is currently dives 170+ feet and has a breath hold of over 5 minutes.

We believe that anyone is capable of pushing themselves further than they think possible and we can help provide a safe environment to do so in.  





Josh & Michelle

Tel: 808-212-7043


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